Personal and Professional

Our personal approach starts by building trust and understanding with our clients – and then getting ‘under their skin’ to find out exactly what they need. So, with every requirement, we start the process by looking beyond what has gone before and analyzing exactly what skill and knowledge sets are key to the successful fulfilment of the role in question.


Key to Daresms success is the ethical commitment we make to both client and candidate.  We respect both the spirit and the letter of all guidelines we follow – on public appointments, on advertising practice, and on the treatment of candidates.

We pay special attention to diversity with all our assignments.  Our track record in diversity is strong and we look for new places where people with the necessary skills may be found, using our external associates and involving target groups through direct approaches.

Our services include:

Providing a ‘Just-in-Time’ Workforce

Flexi Staffing

Our Service Benefits on Flexi staffing

  • Flexibility for clients 
  • Addresses headcount limitations squarely 
  • Cost savings on account of payment for days worked
  • Strong existing database of candidates
  • Time & cost of selection reduced

Permanent Staffing

  • Quick Processing of Information based on your requirements
  • Multi-Location screening of candidates
  • Well-researched, concise and carefully planned database

Services offering to:

  • Software Industry
  • Telecom Industry
  • BPO /KPO